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Hydra Genesis 7kW/22kW/43kW AC Dual Charger

Starting from: £2300 inc VAT

Including Installation

The Genesis charger from Hydra is a three-phase dual AC charger that can deliver multiple charger speeds.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Multiple Charging Speeds: This charger offers 3 different charging speeds: 7kW, 22kW & 43kW.
  • RFID Card Reader: Payment can be made through an RFID card reader.
  • Dual Charger: This charger has two charging points, so two EVs can charge at one time.
  • Contactless Payment: An optional Nayax contactless module can be added to the charger for additional payment methods.
  • Type 2 Charging: This charger is suitable for Type 2 charging.
  • No Earth Rod: This EV charger doesn’t require an earth rod, which makes for easier installation.
A picture of the Hydra Genesis 7kW/22kW/43kW AC Dual Charger

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Superb customer service ( big thanks to Emma for managing it all). New EV charger fitted on time by friendly, efficient team. Highly recommended.” Aspecte”Very professional and thorough from start to finish. The team explained everything in detail at each stage of the process, from the planning to the handover. I can’t recommend this company highly enough.