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Optimise Your Electric Vehicle with Our Premium EV Charger Service

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging: Driving the Future

The surge in electric vehicles across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge means EV charging is more critical than ever. Every electric car owner knows the significance of a reliable EV charging cables and equipment. As experts in EV charging solutions and services, we are here to offer a comprehensive electric vehicle charger service to ensure smooth and efficient charging at all times.

Maximise Your EV Charging Experience

Understanding your EV charger is essential. EV charging points (charging stations) have become popular in residential and commercial locations. EV drivers frequently opt for home electric vehicle charging systems for convenience. However, like every technological device, they need regular check-ups to maintain them. Our service aims to deliver that and more.

EV Charger Service

What Our EV Charger Service Features

For a competitive cost of £50 + VAT, our comprehensive EV charger service provides:

  • Regular charging point software updates: We ensure that your charging point software is frequently updated to stay at the forefront of the rapidly advancing EV industry. A seamless charging experience for all-electric vehicle owners is crucial for ensuring compatibility with the latest models.
  • Meticulous safety checks: The safety of electrical systems is paramount. Our team conducts thorough safety checks to ensure that your home EV system functions correctly and there are no underlying issues. EV home charging should be safe and efficient.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity checks: Keeping track of your EV charging point remotely is essential in today’s connected world, so we conduct thorough Wi-Fi connection checks. You can monitor, control, and schedule charging sessions remotely through the dedicated app on your phone, ensuring optimal performance.

Benefits Galore

Regular maintenance has many benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Prolonged lifespan of your charger: A well-maintained EV charger will last longer than a neglected one, just as a well-serviced car will run smoothly for many years. A charger’s internal components are protected against wear and tear, and potential issues are detected and corrected before they can cause permanent damage. 
  • Cost savings: Investing in preventive measures is more economical than dealing with reactive solutions. Regular maintenance prevents major repairs or complete replacements in the coming years, resulting in significant savings. It can avoid hefty repair expenses resulting from unanticipated charger malfunctions as a periodic investment. 
  • Complete peace of mind: With our EV charger service, you’re not just paying for a service – you’re buying peace of mind. You can charge your EV nightly without worrying about faulty charging stations, because they have been inspected and maintained by professionals. When you plug your charger into your car, you want to ensure it works correctly. 
  • Enhanced charging speed and performance: Without regular maintenance, EV chargers can loose efficiency over time, resulting in slowed charging speeds and reduced overall performance. Regularly servicing your EV ensures that all charging components work at their best, resulting in faster charging times. This saves you time and ensures your car is always ready when needed. 

EV charger service from Aspecte

Your Electric Journey

Switching to an electric car is more than just a vehicle choice; it’s a commitment to the future. But what’s a futuristic car without an efficient charging system? With EV charging stations becoming increasingly prevalent across the UK, our team ensures you’re always ready to hit the road.

Our Business Solutions

For businesses, shifting towards electric vehicle charging means installing dedicated charge points at their premises. Our solutions offer installation and maintenance services tailored to business needs, ensuring the chargers remain efficient, reliable, and ready to serve your fleet of vehicles.

Embrace the Power

From charging your car to managing payments through an integrated app and ensuring your cable and charger are in prime condition, our EV charging and cable maintenance solutions encapsulate it all. And for those who often find themselves on the move, our charging station network guarantees you will have power.

EV charging equipment


Why Choose Us?

Reliable service, a dedicated support team, and a passion for the electric revolution – that’s what we bring to the table. Our partners trust us to deliver, and our customers vouch for the quality we ensure. From AC to DC charging equipment, from home units to commercial locations, our prowess and support spans the entire UK EV charging spectrum.

Reach Out

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