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Home Solar Panels

Efficient and low-profile Solar PV installations for your home in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Aspecte offer Solar PV solutions both for existing homes and new builds.

Solar PV is the most popular renewable energy technology installed in the UK, with over a million homeowners now using solar panels to power their homes with clean energy.

Solar panels should last thirty years or more, so choosing a company with the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a safe, efficient, and visually unobtrusive installation is essential.

Aspecte can help you choose the right type of solar installation for your home from a range of high-quality manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for an integrated option or an above-roof rack-mounted system, whatever your requirements, Aspecte are here to help you take your next steps into a more sustainable world.

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Ian P – Private EV Customer

Cannot praise everyone who was involved with my car charger installation. After an initial enquiry on their website. Emma responded on the same day. Kevin then visited site and a price was with me later that week. I ordered the installation and had to change the installation time a couple of times because of various changing delivery times for the vehicle. This was all changed by Emma and Kevin without fuss or bother. When installing, Kevin came and did the installation and did a very tidy job, with full run through on how the charger works. A great experience all the way through. I did ask two other companies at the same time if they would be interested in pricing the work. One did not ever respons and the other replied 4 weeks later.

Thank you.

Guide to Home Solar PV installations

What do I need to get the most out of Solar Panels?

  • Ideally, you need a south-facing or south-west facing roof to benefit from Solar panels. However, with the latest technology, most homes can benefit from solar PV.
  • You’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a rating of D or above to qualify for a Smart Export Guarantee which allows you to be paid for the electricity you supply to the grid. All electricity providers have a different rate they will pay for electricity exported back to the grid.

How much could I save on my energy bills with Solar Panels?

  • As a rough rule of thumb, you can save up to £360 per year on your electricity bill – this is dependent on several factors such as where you live, what your current levels of energy use are and so on.

How are solar panels fixed to my roof?

  • There are two typical types of solar installation, integrated and fixed rack/ rail mounted.
  • The mounting option typically requires less intrusive work to your existing roof, whilst integrated solutions are fitted almost flush to surrounding tiles and altogether remove the potential for bird infestations.

Integrating solar panels with a home battery storage solution

By combining your new solar panels with a battery storage solution such as the Sonnen Battery, you can store the free electricity your solar panels produce instead of exporting it back to the grid. Using both solar panels and battery storage together, you gain more control over your energy usage and use your cleaner, cheaper energy when the sun has set or in the event of a power cut.

Aspecte offers a complete home renewables solution for solar and battery storage, including specifying the right technologies for your home and installation.

Charge your electric vehicle with solar energy

Driving an electric car charged by your solar panels is a great way to ensure your transportation is cost-efficient and emissions-free. Many EV owners think of purchasing a solar system as pre-buying their fuel for the next few years – at a very quickly repaid cost.

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