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Home Battery Storage

Intelligent and Efficient Battery Storage Installations for your home in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Home battery storage, or solar batteries, allows you to store electricity for use later. Many UK homes have solar PV panels which generate electricity during daylight; by adding a battery to the system, you can now use this energy in the evenings to reduce your bills.

You can even save by charging on cheap overnight electricity and using the battery during the expensive hours if you’re on a time of use tariff.

Home battery storage offers the opportunity to become energy independent, generate higher savings and live more sustainably. There are several different products on the market, each offering different additional features and functions.

We will help you identify which products from our range are most suited to your particular home and fit your energy usage.

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Latest Aspecte Home Battery Storage

Ian P – Private EV Customer

Cannot praise everyone who was involved with my car charger installation. After an initial enquiry on their website. Emma responded on the same day. Kevin then visited site and a price was with me later that week. I ordered the installation and had to change the installation time a couple of times because of various changing delivery times for the vehicle. This was all changed by Emma and Kevin without fuss or bother. When installing, Kevin came and did the installation and did a very tidy job, with full run through on how the charger works. A great experience all the way through. I did ask two other companies at the same time if they would be interested in pricing the work. One did not ever respons and the other replied 4 weeks later.

Thank you.

Guide to Home Battery Storage installations

How big are battery storage units?

  • Battery units are typically modular and stackable but vary in size depending on the manufacturer.
  • A single battery for a home can be mounted on the ground or to a wall using a bracket and can often be installed inside a garage or other exterior wall close to the consumer unit.

Where will the battery be installed?

  • We will conduct a complete survey of your home to help you decide on the best location for your battery.
  • First, of course, it has to be reasonably close to your main consumer unit, so we have to consider that, but we usually try to put it in a cupboard, garage, utility room, or somewhere similar.

Solar battery storage for the home

Your new home battery storage solution is most effective when paired with one of our solar panel systems; solar batteries offer more control over your energy consumption, using the energy gathered by solar panels at a time when it’s the most cost-effective to do so.

Aspecte offers a complete home renewables solution for solar and battery storage, including specifying the right technologies for your home and installation.

Charge your electric vehicle with stored energy

Charging your electric car charged with energy from your battery storage solution and solar panels is a great way to ensure your transportation is cost-efficient and emissions-free. Many EV owners think of purchasing these solutions as pre-buying their fuel for the next few years – at a very quickly repaid cost.

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