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Workplace EV Charging

Fast and reliable smart EV chargers for your workplace or business in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Whether it’s for commercial electric vehicles or private staff cars, Aspecte are here to help you find the right EV charging solution for your business.

Aspecte only ever provide the most cost-effective advice and independent consultation for your budget and business. In addition, the smart charge points that we install will track the amount of electricity used by your employees. As a result your new EV Charging Installation can provide digital reports weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

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Latest Aspecte Workplace EV Solutions

OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a government grant for electric vehicle charging installations, offered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

The grant scheme pays up to 75% of the purchase and installation costs, up to £350 per “socket” for your workplace installation. The installer (in this case Aspecte) redeems the voucher, and the amount is discounted from your final bill. The maximum number of charging points that can be redeemed against is 40.

To apply you will need to complete an online application form, but our team can walk you through all the details.

Get in touch with us to find out how you can claim an OLEV WCS Grant towards your Workplace Charging Installation.

EV Maintenance Services

We recommend that any EV charge point used daily to provide power to vehicles is tested and inspected annually to ensure effective and continual charging all year round.

We also offer inspection and maintenance services to our EV Installation customers. In the unlikely event that your charger fails, you can rest assured that we will be on hand to diagnose and fix any issues that may arise.

Integrating commercial solar PV and battery storage with electric vehicle charge points

With the push for more businesses to become sustainable, there is increasing pressure on companies to start providing electric car charging installations for staff and even commercial vehicles.

These become significantly more cost-effective to operate when charged by commercial solar panels and battery storage, ensuring your transportation is more cost-efficient and emissions-free.

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